Skyrocket your sales with our proven launch strategies It's not just ranking, it's a science.

Launching or ranking your product on Amazon can be a mystery. Luckily we have launched and ranked over 20 thousand products on Amazon and counting. We understand the science behind it so there is no guessing. We worked with sellers from 6 to 9 figures and helped them get to their best seller status. Now, let's do the same for your products too.

Over the years, Mark has personally built up a private shopping network across the USA which contributes to the success of launching and ranking products. This enables us to learn true shopping behavior on Amazon and now being able to implement the same for our launches.

The Process


We closely analyze your product to see where you are lacking and how we can get you ranked for the top keywords. Whether it's a new launch or an existing product that needs a boost, our team will strategize to find the best keywords and create a plan to get you ranked.


We now put together a launch strategy which consists of mainly doing keyword focused sales & outside traffic. Using various tools we will suggest how many sales we need to generate to get ranked. Doing so, shows Amazon that you are selling with the target keyword which will push you up in the ranks.


Once we finalize the plan we will set up the keyword focused sales. This will have our shoppers purchase your product directly from Amazon’s search via organically searching for the product with our target keyword. Doing so on a consistent basis will have your product ranked on the first page for the keyword!


As simple as that, after following our steps you will be ranked on the first page for the target keywords in as little as 8-10 days!

We handle all orders, rebates and management throughout the whole process, keeping it simple. We will send over all order numbers at the conclusion of the campaign for you to verify.

Please note, results do vary per listing basis For example if your listing is not optimized correctly, outdated, old, not indexed for the keyword and a couple other factors. Assuming you have a solid listing, you will be ranked the same way we ranked 20,000+ other products!

Case Studies

What Some Of
Our Customers Are Saying

Nir T

House of AMZ's launch program really works, they have helped us rank for keywords we didn't think were possible. We are still on the first page for many keywords MONTHS after the campaigns ended

Joseph N

I am very impressed with the results, the ROI was more than expected and it just makes sense. I have spent thousands of dollars with other launch companies and it doesn't compare to the results I have seen with this platform

Abe R

We got ranked onto the first page and top 5 clicks for a really competitive keyword with 400k search volume in the matter of days. They know how to run a solid launch, you get the most out of each giveaway

Yelena P

They aren't just a company that runs giveaways and moves on. They helped me prep my listing so it was 100% optimized and ready to launch. After that they helped me maintain and expand for other keywords too

Chad W

I have tried 4 other launch programs and this one kicks *** the results I have seen actually make sense now. We have ran many campaigns in the past and this one actually worked. Don't just trust any company offering giveaways

Samuel S

I used a services that charges 3 times the price of House of AMZ and the results I got here beat them by miles, they are safe, quick and professional

Yehuda N

We are a 9 figure brand on Amazon, safety is key for us and Mark had great ideas for us. His service is safe and reliable, we got the results we needed and more. We now launch 5+ products a month and depend on this service solely to get us ranked

Lisa A

We tried so hard and spent thousands of dollars on PPC to get ranked for some keywords, we tried this service and after 7 days we were already on page one and actually converting

Robert S

House of AMZ is honest and transparent. Mark personally gave us suggestions on what to fix before we launched so we can get maximum results. They didn't just process the campaign and move on, they came up with a plan and guided us

Menachem F

I have to admit, I heard of the service and I didnt try it upfront. I used 3 other people to help me get ranked for the keywords I needed to and no one was able to accomplish it. I decided to give it a try and I saw the results in front of me within days. I regret the time I spent trying others and now I have my set person to launch and rank for keywords

Bradley S

We've gone from failed product launches to weekly product launches since starting with House of AMZ, and the results speak for themselves. When we used House of AMZ alone, we calculated that the ROI was at least 2-3 times higher.

Michael E

I've been selling on Amazon for over 8 years, and I've tried everything. I've sold in over 15 categories and no launching strategy compares to House of AMZ. Last year, one of my brands generated over $57 million in revenue, and this agency is the primary cause for it. Stop experimenting with other launch services and contact House of AMZ if you want to be a real successful Amazon seller.

Ariel K

We've been utilizing House of AMZ for a few years and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. They are extremely responsive and accommodating. Our product's keyword ranks have improved every time we've used their service. We will undoubtedly utilize House of AMZ's services as an essential part of our product launch process!

Megan G

The House of AMZ experience was fantastic. They were really responsive, and my launch campaign began within two days after I first contacted them. For someone like me who doesn't have a lot of experience, the communication was simple and easy to understand. Overall, they will cater to your needs, no matter how big or small they are.

Elliot S

For many of our products, House of AMZ has been an essential part of our launch tactics. Mark and his crew are consistently outstanding. They provide one of the most consistent and reliable launch services in the industry, as well as excellent customer service. 5 out of 5 stars

Launch Packages


Includes 50 Keyword Focused Sales

Plus product cost

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Includes 150 Keyword Focused Sales

Plus product cost

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Includes 250 Keyword Focused Sales

Plus product cost

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Request a proposal on how many units you need to giveaway to get ranked to the first page

As these are full priced keyword focused sales, the additional price of the product will be added. These will be directly returned to your account in the form of the full priced sales, hence the only cost differential is Amazon & manufacturing.

Per- Rebate price is also available if you need more or less from our packages